SCCA Championship Runoffs!

Jenkins Racing taking a checkered flag at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is something that seems impossible, but thanks to the massive efforts of our small team we actually accomplished it.

Our team lived in the IMS infield for six days. Our only goal was to make it into the main race by qualifying in the top 60 of 95 cars and then finish the race. We reviewed data, changed car setup, got help from friends, and put in the work to net us with a starting position pf P39 on the last day of qualifying.

Bühler apprentice David was the leading Crew Chief. He setup the tire pressures, manned the hot pits, and called the green flag on our first ever Runoffs attempt. We are grateful for his enthusiasm and his support throughout 2021.

Thumbs up!

Seventy-two Spec Miatas took the green flag on Friday, October 1st, 2021. The race was chaos, and we even took some light damage from getting hit on the side. David ensure me over the radio that it was just cosmetic and we could keep racing. We kept fighting, but the competition was steep. An accidental bump in the middle of the race costed us about 10 positions; a side affect of 72 cars being separated by 3 seconds from fastest to slowest. Forty minutes later the checkered flew and we all added a check mark to our bucket lists.

The beauty of motorsport is that anyone can be a team member, whether they are moving tires around, wrenching in the pits, calling “green, green, green” on the radio, making lunch, or just hanging out in the paddock. Massive THANK YOU to the family, friends, Bühler employees and apprentices, and partners of Jenkins Racing that made this possible!

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