Jack Pine Sprints 2019 @ BIR

The last race of the year for Jenkins Racing and the second to last race of the SCCA Central Division Championship. Both days were full of surprising data and interesting outcomes.

The weekend started with a full Friday of testing on Brainerd’s 2.5 mile circuit. The day was used for data collection and establishing some baselines for use in the future. In a data driven sport with many variables it’s critical to try different scenarios to isolate the biggest drivers of change. We were able to remove some noise from our graphs by the end of the day.

Saturday held decent weather and a tight field in Spec Miata. After qualifying in the top four we were set for a good result. When the green flag dropped the order shuffled and number 21 was stuck in fourth place, just outside of drafting range. However on the second to last lap the third place car had a mechanical failure. This gave us just enough time to catch, and pass, for finish position on the podium.

Sunday brought a weather change. It was overcast and windy. The high winds was not something we had previous data on and the race car’s top speed was greatly affected by this. Qualifying in third set the bar for the race. Unfortunately the changing weather caught our team out by raining. The car was sent out on slicks after three laps the track was saturated. On the last lap of the race a car on rain tires over took us due to superior traction.

It was the best season yet for Bühler, Hammer Wood Floors, and Jenkins racing and we look forward to more racing in 2020!