Firecracker Bonneau 2019 @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway


It’s mid-season and it was another wonderful weekend at Blackhawk. The weather was hot, but you couldn’t ask for better racing.

Jenkins Racing looked back to the Bühler data from one year ago to set a baseline for car setup and tire pressures. However sometimes historical data just isn’t enough. Our initial setup qualified us in 10th position; less than ideal. Immediately after the session we reviewed the data and in car video. Then we took action making several car changes.

Minimum speed analysis in preparation for the next session.

The changes were in the right direction and at the start of the race we jumped several positions up to 8th. The remainder of the driving was entirely to grab 7th. After a hard fought battle with car 13 and a drag race to the checkered flag, we had secured the position by a margin of .029 seconds.

Last lap pass filmed in 360°

Sunday brought nearly identical conditions so the data collection and analysis continued. With more changes we managed to further improve the performance of Bühler number 21. In the middle of the qualifying session we came into the pits and crew chief Mike Jenkins adjusted the tire pressures. In one final push we set the fastest lap time for Sunday which put us on pole for Spec Miata.

Racing from the pole is a huge challenge. There is a big target on the lead car and this was no exception. After several laps of hard racing a team of cars in third to fifth position grouped up and made a freight train pass. We fought hard to catch the group but couldn’t match the pace. We ended the day in 5th.

Jenkins Racing wants to say thanks for all the support we get from everyone around our team and our sponsors: Bühler, Hammer Wood Floors LLC., Mazda, and Hoosier Racing Tire.