Jed Copham Memorial 2019 @ BIR

The Jed Copham Memorial Mid-Summer Classic marks the annual get-together of Jenkins Racing sponsors and family. It’s a tradition to camp out at the racetrack, grill delicious food, and enjoy the Saturday night fireworks.

The focus of the weekend is more about the people than the racing. We get together, share ideas, talk technology, and enjoy the sound of high performance race cars.

Bühler Employees at Brainerd International Raceway

Saturday was solid day or testing, qualifying and racing under beautiful clear blue skies. The track temperature was creeping up and the crew had to adapt to changing conditions to stay on pace. Car number 21 qualified 3rd in the field. The race was a three way battle for most of the race with the top three cars constantly changing positions. The entire Jenkins Racing crew of twenty people was cheering the entire race from the observation deck. At the checkered flag we had secured third place, gaining much needed championship points.

Sunday was another day of racing with perfect weather. Again the track temperatures were somewhat of a challenge, but we once again managed a third place starting position for the race. The race was repeat of Saturday and in the end we secured third place and more valuable Cen-Div Championship points.

Thanks to Bühler and Hammer Wood Floors LLC employees who camped out with Jenkins Racing in the paddock this weekend. The great teamwork these businesses offer is what keeps us on the track!