Harvey West Memorial 2019 @ BIR

Memorial holiday weekend is the first race at our home track of Brainerd International Raceway. The weather was on the verge of rain for all of Saturday, which would have been a big problem because the entire facility was already saturated with water.

Day one started with challenging track conditions. Being the first race of the season the track was slick and lacking rubber in the corners. The cool and overcast weather did help lap times and many other drivers were turning fast laps. Our Q1 time put us into 3rd position for the race. In Q2 a car spun in front of the Bühler sponsored number 21 racecar. This had disastrous results as we were forced off the racing line, cutting a tire and ending our session. The race was a fierce battle for the entire sprint with four cars constantly trading places. At the checkered flag Jenkins Racing was in 4th.

Day two came with warm weather and clear skies. We didn’t adapt well enough and were slightly off the pace of the front runners qualifying in 5th for the race. Again there was a solid battle for positions two through four for most of the race. When the dust settled and the tires cooled we maintained our grid position and ended the weekend with a 5th place finish.

Data analysis and adaption is already underway in the never ending hunt for performance. With Bühler backing the digital side of the operation there will certainly be improvements found for the next race weekend!