Harvey West Memorial 2018 @ BIR

The third race of the season and the first race in calendar year 2018 started off hot. Temperatures in the 90’s created some tricky conditions on the track. Day one had Jenkins Racing qualify to start 4th and finish in 5th. We slipped to 5th at the end of the race due to losing traction from over heated tires. Day two was slightly cooler temperatures thanks to a passing rain storm. We made a tire pressure adjustment which helped substantially with tire grip. The Bühler sponsored number 21 qualified third, but finished 4th after dropping one position in a hectic first lap. We stayed with the lead group through the entire race but didn’t have enough speed to take back 3rd position.

Across the entire weekend we used the Bühler BCube IoT sensor to data log G forces. The BCube performed well in the 100+ degree temperatures inside the car for the event; as expected for a rugged industrial electronic. Several spectators stopped by the paddock area asking about both the racecar and Bühler technologies.

Bühler BCube (left), Raspberry Pi Mini PC (right)

Testing the BCube this weekend was a great showcase of Bühler technology before the Bühler Networking Days 2018. Be sure to check out the event tailored to display Bühler digital solutions at the event web page.


Over all a great start for Bühler and Jenkins Racing in 2018.